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Snooper Map Updates

Snoopers Map Downloader facility enables you to update the software and map data for your satellite navigation device. To check if an update is available for your unit please input the serial number, software version and map region you currently have into the fields below and then select ‘Submit’
To find out what software version and map region you currently have installed on your unit:
  1. Switch ON your unit
  2. Press ‘Navi’ or ‘Navigation’ if required
  3. Press ‘I Agree’ on the ‘Information Screen’
  4. Press the centre of the display to access the menu
  5. Press ‘Configure’
  6. Press the black arrow to scroll through the options until you see ‘Version’
  7. Press ‘Version’
  8. Make a note of the numbers next to ‘S/W’
  9. Make a note of the first two letters that appear to the right of ‘Map’
  10. Make a note of the map version
  11. Enter the information below
Serial No
Software Version . . .
Map Version  -