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GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO)

Satellites transmit to GPS devices the accurate date and time data. From the GPS system inception in 1980, the date and time was represented by a counter that could only count forward to a maximum of 1024 weeks. (Approx. 19.7 years) After the 1024 weeks elapsed, the counter “rolled over” to zero, and GPS time started counting again. This first rollover occurred in August of 1999. The second rollover occurs on April 6, 2019.

Will my Snooper product be affected?

Snooper has prepared for this event and has been performing testing of current and legacy devices to determine if they will be affected by the GPS week number rollover. Our testing shows that some GPS devices will handle the WNRO without issues, but others will require a software update.

What is the Effect of a GPS Week Number Rollover Issue?

For GPS devices that are affected, an incorrect date will be displayed. This incorrect date will be used to adjust daylight saving. However, the positioning accuracy will not be affected. The device will continue to deliver the same positioning performance as before the rollover.

Snooper recommends that you regularly check for updates to your device software from this site.

Please remember that we offer a trade-in allowance should you wish to upgrade your current Snooper device. See our Trade-in page or call 01928 579 579 to discuss.



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