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Lifetime Map Update Service Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:
Free Lifetime Map Updates are available for Truckmate, Ventura and selected Syrius units only. To qualify for free map updates, the Snooper unit must have been purchased after 1st February 2013, from directly or via an authorised third party reseller. Proof of purchase may be requested to confirm FREE lifetime map update qualification.
The free lifetime map option is non-transferrable, so will only apply to the device purchased and for the original purchaser.
If you purchase a Snooper Lifetime Map Update Service (sold separately), you will receive up to two (2) map updates per year, as and when such updates are made available on the Snooper Services website. This option applies to one (1) compatible Snooper product until your product's useful life expires or Snooper no longer receives map data from NAVTEQ, whichever is shorter. The map updates you receive under the lifetime map update service will be updates to the same map data originally included with your Snooper product when originally purchased, or updates to map data that you purchased separately (if applicable). If your Snooper product does not include, or you did not purchase separately, the map data you want to update using your Snooper Lifetime Map Update purchase, then you must purchase the map data separately before you can install the updated map data onto your Snooper product. In some instances, your Snooper product might not have sufficient capacity on the SD or Micro-SD card for you to install an update to the same map data originally included with your Snooper product (or purchased separately, as the case may be), in which case you will need to purchase a larger capacity Snooper approved SD or Micro-SD card. Snooper may terminate your Snooper Lifetime Map Update Service at any time if you violate any of the terms of this Agreement. Your Snooper Lifetime Map Update purchase may not be transferred to another owner or to another Snooper product.
(1)The definition of map data in the above "Terms and conditions" indicates the type of mapping product: for example UK & Ireland, or Western Europe, or other similar types of mapping product.
(2)In the instance of Snooper products pre-loaded with map data itself, the map data update is limited just and only to the region originally pre-loaded onto the device. For example, a Strabo S360 device pre-bundled with UK & Ireland mapping will only receive Snooper Lifetime Map Update updates for the UK & Ireland region. This type of device can only use map data for the original region.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that due to the continuous improvement and expanding coverage of our European mapping your Snooper device may not have sufficient capacity available on the SD or Micro SD card to install a full European update. In such cases, you will need to purchase a Snooper approved SD or Micro-SD card with a larger capacity from our sales team (Tel: +44 (0) 330 232 2020) or from your local Snooper Authorised Dealer.
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